The back story: I was born Tonell Jenkins in the summer of August 1980. I had a normal childhood. I was nerdy, adventurous, jokey & full of life which carried over into my adulthood. On May 24th, 1999 (18 y/o) I fractured my neck in a car accident. That process put me in a business mindset. I acquired my first briefcase and referred to myself as a “business woman”. But what kind of business? Then December 28th, 2002 (22 y/o), I was involved in another car accident of which I sustained a repeated neck fracture, but this time I was rendered a C 4-7 quadriplegic. I was left paralyzed from the neck down with only speaking abilities.


Nowadays: With my witty, optimistic personality and burning passion for helping others, I’ve been revamped The ABLER.  Dedicated to providing helpful information to the dissed-abled community one email, webcast and phone call at a time ??
So if you think I can be of assistance to you head on over to The Meeting Place where the live webcasts are aired. Or send an email to helpme@theabler.com.  Don’t forget to check out the Shop and Directory for other helpful resources.