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Knowing what protective measures to take before, during and after a disaster is crucial to your overall well-being especially when seconds count

  1. Natural Disasters
  2. Technological  & Accidental Hazards
  3. Terrorist Hazards
  4. Panademics
  5. Home Fires


Communication is VITAL

DO YOU have an  “Inclusive Emergency Communication Checklist”? If not get one (here)

BE READY for almost any disaster …….. Learn more (here).

Download a free publication from FEMA,  specifically for  disabled individuals and those with special needs  (here)

Another trusted source for disaster relief is the American Red Cross. They will prove to be very useful in the event that you ever need them. You should have information pertaining to them readily available at any given time.

Click (here) to download their apps.

Also from the American Red Cross – free accessibility assistive technology. (here)

Having your medical information for personnel in an emergency it’s the right thing to do. For example, if you are unconscious or unable to speak clearly.

The vial of life speaks for you when you can’t or don’t feel well enough to try.

There are 4 simple steps to getting your Vial of Life kit ready. You can also save and store your Vial of Life information at for easy access for changing medical and doctor information in the future.

Vial of Life Form

1. Fill out the Vial of Life form

  • Make blank copies of this form to keep your information current or maintain and store your updated information online with us.
  • Fill out the backside of the Vial of Life form. Answer all or any pertinent questions.
Vial of Life in Bag

2. Place the decal on front of a plastic

  • Place the form you filled out in the plastic baggie.
  • You may also consider placing the following items in the baggie.
  • Copy of EKG
  • Living Will or Equivalent
  • DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)
  • Recent Picture of Yourself
Vial of Life on Refrigerator

3. Place the baggie on refrigerator door

  • Securely tape plastic baggie on the front of your refrigerator door.
  • Place the decal on your refrigerator – this could be on the front or side of the refrigerator, whichever is easiest for EMS personnel to see and access.
Vial of Life on Front Door

4. Place the second decal on front door

  • Place the decal on the front door so it can easily be seen by anyone responding to an emergency.

(Vial of Life explanation courtesy of

Get a Vial of Life free from your local fire department, emergency medical services or order and/or print yours now  for free (here)

There’s a lot of misunderstanding related to working or saving money and how it will affect your benefits. To clear up this confusion, I strongly suggest that you speak with a benefits specialist. To find one near you click (here).


There are several programs that are in place nationally, dedicated to helping you prepare for, find and maintain work.

 Saving Money                     

Being on (SSI) Supplemental Security Insurance, you’re only allowed to save or have assets that don’t exceed $2,000.

HERE are some options to help you save/have more:↓

ABLE Account

Save a minimum of  $100,000 with an ABLE account. To find out more about ABLE accounts watch the video.

Now that you know more about ABLE accounts, click (here) to compare them side by side and choose the one that’s best for you.

PASS  (Plan For Achieving Self-Support)

For specific information about PASS, call your area’s PASS cadre. To find the PASS Cadre for your area click (here)