The back story: I was born Tonell Jenkins in the summer of August 1980. I had a normal childhood. I was nerdy, adventurous, jokey & full of life which carried over into my adulthood. On May 24th, 1999 (18 y/o) I fractured my neck in a car accident. Then December 28th, 2002 (22 y/o), I was involved in another car accident of which I sustained a repeated neck fracture, but this time I was rendered a C 4-7 quadriplegic, and was left paralyzed from the neck down with only speaking abilities. Since then I’ve experienced a house fire (lost everything 2009), accidentally drove off a wheelchair lift 4ft in the air, fracturing my forehead and breaking both legs in two places (tibia & fibula 2013). Through all that, I still remained positive and kept pressing forward.

Nowadays: With my witty, optimistic personality and burning passion for helping others, I’ve been revamped The ABLER.  to providing helpful information to the dissed-abled community one email, webcast and phone call at a time ??
So if you think I can be of assistance to you send an email (here). In the meantime check out the Directory and Blog for helpful resources. Also, unite with other individuals like yourself in the Facebook  group.